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What's Up?

I would like to say I accomplished everything I had on the list so far this summer...nope. After a long hard winter I am living outside as much as possible. Yes writing, but no recording of newer tunage. Oh well Suns out.

Oct 3rd the music will be playing a fund raiser for The Youngstown Inner City Gardens. Will be sharing the stage with 3's company and some great local comedians. Mason does great work and honored to help in anyway the music can.

Oct 7th The Project will be sharing the stage with 2 other singer/songwriters from the Pittsburgh area. Place is called "The Barn" in Penn Hills, PA. A good friend from work recommended the music, thanks John!

Oct 31st is at Chipper's in Austintown, a Halloween show, so come in disguise and have a blast listening to some good tunage.

After these I am taking some much needed time to get back into the studio to finish up album 3. Hopefully have it done right around the new year.

Spent July 30th thru Aug 2nd in Nashville, first time there. Had a blast, man the talent in that town. Got to play Puckett's in Leipers Fork just outside town, that will be kept as a special moment for the music.

While you wait on every word....
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Stay in Tunes,
Dave Ward


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